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Published On: 09-20-2013 01:34 PM
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Need for Deciding on a PROPER Tank for your fish STAND

Fish tank stand

Without the right planning, aquarium owners go to whichever they can find to place the tank for your fish. Shoe rack or desk aren't suitable. They are not as strong as they seem. Neither could they be eye appealing towards the eyes when the aquarium furniture colors are not coordinated using the house setting. Don't let your aquarium become an eyesore with messy accessories all over the place.

Fish tank stand

Establishing an aquarium tank tank stand is really a significant investment, therefore it is worthwhile to understand how you can pick the right are a symbol of your aquarium.

WHEN Do you want A STAND?

Generally, fish tanks under 20 gallon can be put on sturdy desks or shelves. You can definitely your aquarium is heavier than 20 gallon, a great idea is a separate aquarium stand.


To select the right tank for your fish, there are two main criteria: Firstly it must safely offer the tank for your fish. Secondly, the aquarium furniture should blend with the house setting.

1. Stand Must keep the the tank for your fish.

The support isn't only based on the size the tank but in addition its filled weight. With regards to size, the size of the stand ought to be longer than along the aquarium. One of the most common errors is underestimating the body weight with the tank once it is full of water. A litre water weighs one kilogram. Besides the water, you will end up adding substrate for that bottom, which is also heavy. The particular weight of aquarium also rely on the sort of materials. Glass tanks are twice as heavy as acrylic tanks.

2 Aquarium furniture must blend with house setting.

Three factors bring about the blending - the fabric used, the color and the design.

a. Material.

The most frequent materials useful for the aquarium stand are wood, metal and acrylic. Let's consider medical of each material.


A Wooden stand is more epensive than metal or acrylic stand. It's harder to shift it around. The look is a lot more pleasing. It often is sold with drawers to hold accessories. Wood would work for heavier size tank weighing above 40 gallon or 152 liters.


Unlike wood metal get rusty. The advantages are that it's lighter and much easier to shift if you wish to relocate the fish tank. It's cheaper. It's decorative with embellished iron scroll. It's suited to up-and-coming small to medium size tanks (weighing 40 gallon and below).


Acrylic gets the benefit of being lighter with more selection of color but it is much less sturdy as wood or metal. It is suited to smaller size fish tanks.

b. Color

The aquarium color should complement the other furniture in the home. Treat the fish stand like it were a piece of furniture.

b. Design

The are a couple of kinds of design - open or closed. Metal dive bombs seldom come with drawers. You can improvise it by covering it with a curtain to skirt leading and sides. Wooden aquarium stands are usually closed since they have inbuilt cabinets to keep fish accessories for example filter, pump, food, etc. It hides the messes in the guests.

Where you should PLACE THE STAND

Put it from the wall in order that children is not going to accidentally knock about that. Makes it placed on a flat even floor. For that survival from the fish, avoid sunlight. The most common spot to put is the family room where it could be viewed by guests and share pride of place next to the Tv.

Apply these tips and what you'll have can be a handsome aquarium stand whose color coordinates with your other furniture, a stand that safely support the weight of one's tank, with space for storing to keep the accessories and also the mess out of sight.
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